Solo Flamenco

33110820_10156794832385639_5614022774180806656_nKasandra Flamenco is thrilled to present “Solo Flamenco”, a fiery flamenco with cantaora Jafelin Helten, guitarist Jake “Chinito” Lee and percussionist Davide Sampaolo. Experience the Kasandra Flamenco Ensemble, a group that has been dubbed “a feast for the eyes and ears with an energy that flows like water and skips like fire”. “Solo Flamenco” is a virtuosic showcase of a variety of flamenco dance ranging from primal flamenco puro to contemporary fusion forms, and a percussive dialogue with Davide Sampaolo.

To our program, we welcome award-winning contemporary dancer, Alvin Tolentino of Company Erasga, in a new experimental piece called “Passages & Rhythm”, a duet choreographed in collaboration with Kasandra “La China”. Flamenco and Contemporary dance collide in this transcultural amalgamation of movement and tradition accompanied by Davide Sampaolo who creates the soundscape. Cameo by “Los Mozaicos” of Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy.

Friday, July 26

7:00 – 8:30* p.m. Solo Flamenco (Centennial Square)

*Time subject to change