Rueda is a collaboration of Flamenco artists brought together though their love of traditional Flamenco cante, with homage to the great artists of the past and present. A like-minded spirit, passion, and dedication binds this group together, and over the years Rueda has expanded to include flamenco percussion (cajón) and more flamenco dancers. Rueda has performed in Victoria and on Vancouver Island for 7 years, and is known for its engaging and unique collaborations. At this year’s festival, guitarist Jake Lee, singers Juanita Bate, and Maria Storzer, percussionist Jamie Winton, and dancers Carolyn Crampton and Tonya Winton will present a varied program of guitar, song and dance, bursting with the fiery and passionate rhythms of flamenco music

Friday, July 26

5:30-6:30* p.m. Rueda (Centennial Square)

*Time subject to change without notice.