Mozaico Flamenco

“SOLO FLAMENCO” opens with three short dance vignettes to prerecorded music by various artists.  Two solos are danced by Kasandra “La China” and the third will be a company number by Mozaico Flamenco’s dance company.  They will present an array of dance styles that are current and contemporary.

“SOLO FLAMENCO” is a show where we celebrate flamenco in its purest traditional form, The Cuadro.  Contrary to popular belief, Flamenco is not a Spanish art form.  Its roots come from the gitanos or the “Roma” people who settled along the Guadalquivir river in the south of Spain.  Flamenco emerged as an expression of oppression and resilience of a persecuted people.  The “cuadro” is a flamenco group that includes a flamenco singer, guitarist, dancer, & a person doing percussion in the form of hand clapping or “palmas”.  The beauty of the cuadro is that it allows for unadulterated individual expression in a spontaneous interaction between the artists.  That elusive magic called “duende” can only be captured in the moment, never to be duplicated twice.

The idea behind “SOLO FLAMENCO” is to allow pure, spontaneous expression.

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Saturday Aug. 16 

5:15-6:30 p.m. “Solo Flamenco” Mozaico Flamenco