Fin de Fiesta Flamenco

Fin de Fiesta presents: “Audacia”

Though they come from different continents, Fin de Fiesta Flamenco’s core members make their home base in Seville Spain. That being said, these musicians and dancers call the world home, and have spent much of the past year on the road, collaborating with artists from all over the planet.

Dancer and artistic director Lia Grainger made her way to China and Italy, while guitarist and musical director Dennis Duffin performed and composed in New York, and flautist/singer Lara Wong spent months working in Mexico. French singer Alejandro Mendía is new to the group and has toured everywhere from Morocco to Ecuador to Switzerland over the past year.

Flamenco has made its way to the far corners of the globe, and Fin de Fiesta Flamenco has travelled to those places and collaborated with the artists they have found there.

“We’ve chosen to live a life of movement, changing locations and countries, following the dance and the music where it takes us,” says guitarist Dennis Duffin.

Flamenco’s gypsy roots in Andalusia are echoed in the vagabond life the ensemble is living. The one thing that has made each place home for them is the fact that they did flamenco there.

“Flamenco has its roots in Spain, but it has become an art form of the world,” says Lia Grainger, dancer and artistic director of Fin de Fiesta Flamenco. “I was recently in Shanghai and found myself jamming in a public park with flamenco dancers and musicians from Holland, Portugal, Italy, Spain and, of course, China.”

AUDACIA will take audiences on a thrilling journey from flamenco’s traditional roots in the music and culture of southern Spain, all the way to its contemporary forms. Ancient rhythms meet avant-garde ideas and converge in an explosion of staccato guitar, haunting flute, stunning vocals and percussive footwork. To the south of Spain and back again, AUDACIA will leave you breathless, with the pulsing rhythms of flamenco beating in your heart.

Sunday, Aug. 7

4:50-6:20* p.m. – Fin de Fiesta

*Time subject to change without notice.

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