Pa’ Los Guajiros Flamenco (online event)

This event is on July 24, 2023 at 6:00 pm

Josue Tacoronte “Pa’ Los Guajiros Flamenco” is the cultural duality of African and Spanish roots creating Cuban culture. Miscegenation is found everywhere: Food, races, music, painting, being MESTIZATION the important factor today in Cuba. This program represents the fusion of three cultures never seen before, such as the difference between Afro-Cuban Rumba and flamenco, Las guajiras flamenco with the Cuban guajiro point. The program links these ringing sounds between the Cuban Lute and the Flamenco guitar, the African Bata drum with the Flamenco Cajon and in the Dance the Flamenco Dance through bulerías together with the toque de Santo dedicated to Oshun African Goddess of Love.

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Meet the artists:

Josue Tacoronte. (Guitarist – Tocaor)
He was born in Havana, Cuba and currently lives in Mexico.
He began his musical studies at the Havana Music Conservatory and began with flamenco at the Spanish Ballet Dance Company of Havana.
As a composer, arranger and guitarist, he has won several prizes in guitar competitions, including the 2013 Cubadisco Award for best concert artist. He has participated in prominent guitar festivals around the world, sharing the stage with flamenco, jazz, classical and contemporary artists.

Eduardo Bethencourt (Cantaor and percussion)
Born in HAVANA, Cuba. He inherited his father’s talent for singing. He began his flamenco career singing in the best-known tablaos in Havana. As a singer and percussionist, he has been part of several Cuban flamenco companies, sharing stages with great flamenco artists from Spain. He currently directs his own company D’ Rocio together with his wife, the bailaora Gabriela Ayón.

Erdwin Vichot (Laud)
Cuban Musician, Instrumentalist.
Graduated from the art school of Havana.
He has recorded more than 60 albums in different companies and musical groups. He has traveled to various international festivals representing the country music of Cuba.
He has written several didactic books on methods of harmony and technique of playing the Cuban Lute.

Rosnery González  (Afro-Cuban dance)
Graduated: National School of Modern and Folkloric Dance of Cuba
Artistic Category: Prima Ballerina
She is a member of the dance theater company “Retazos” Bajo la
directed by Isabel Bustos.
Teacher in the workshop: Modern and Contemporary Dance. National University
del Sur and Classical Dance School, Bahía Blanca-Argentina. Year 1998.
Creation and Direction of the dance theater group “INFLUENCIA”.
Guest teacher in the training cycle for dancers organized by
the Prodanza Institute, San Martín-Buenos Aires-Argentina Cultural Center,
September 2002.
University of the Arts, Cuba. 2019 to date.

Danny Villalonga (Bailaor)
Flamenco dancer par excellence born in Havana, Cuba.
He began his professional career in the Spanish Ballet of Cuba in 1994. Getting to form leading roles as a dancer and choreographer.
Founder of the Flamenco company “Ecos” of Havana.
Several years I worked as a choreographer and dancer in his company in Ecuador.
He has participated in various dance festivals around the world.

Eduardo Llibre (Percusión afrocubana)
Born in Havana, Cuba. Graduated from the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory.
Director of the Cuerdas del Monte group. Collaborating in groups and important musical bands in Cuba. International CUBADISCO Award 2015 and Grammy Nominee with the CD: Cuba Canta a Serrat.