Fox Woman (on-line performance)

This event is on July 20, 2022 at 6:00 pm

When a mysterious and powerful fox woman appears unexpectedly in his hut, a lonely hunter is forced to choose between the wild and the tamed. Their relationship grows. How to accommodate one another? What do we risk when we accommodate too much? And, as violence emerges, do we recognize it; do we leave? Before the West cultivated hatred of the wild, before today’s ecological crisis, there was a love affair. Flamenco dancer and storyteller Denise Yeo retells this Siberian myth accompanied by her husband, accomplished flamenco guitarist Gareth Owen. With an array of evocative, traditional flamenco dances, Yeo embodies Fox Woman and the Hunter through hypnotic and improvised movement and rhythm, drenched with the darkest impulses.

Fox Woman tells a story about our relationship with the wild — in ourselves and others — and our emerging ecological crisis. It’s also a story that empowers us, in our human relationships, to leave situations that are not safe.

Denise Yeo – Dancer & Storyteller
Denise Yeo is a professional flamenco dance soloist and palmera. In 2017, she co-founded Palabra Flamenco as its artistic director and principal dancer — joining traditional flamenco with English-language poetry and storytelling. Their show La Palabra en el Tiempo toured the Victoria Flamenco Festival, Victoria Fringe Festival, Vancouver Fringe Festival, and Victoria Festival of Authors. She later performed as a soloist for Dark Sounds, a unique collaboration with acclaimed poet Jan Zwicky, guitarist Gareth Owen, and poet Garth Martens. The theatrical rendition of Fox Woman was Yeo’s second show as artistic director. As principal dancer and storyteller, she performs the roles of Fox Woman and the Hunter, with her husband, guitarist Gareth Owen, accompanying her. In the summer of 2019, Fox Woman toured the Toronto Fringe Festival and Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

As a soloist, Yeo performs in tablaos across Canada. She has performed in large-scale flamenco productions Recuerdos and Pasajes for Alma de España Flamenco Dance Company. In North America, Denise has trained with award-winning choreographers Veronica Maguire, Carmen Romero, and Oscar Nieto. She has also trained with international flamenco artists, including Concha Jareño, Domingo Ortega, Maria Bermúdez, Inmaculada Ortega, Antonio El Farru, Carmen Herrera, Ana María Lopez, and more.

Gareth Owen – Guitarist
Gareth Owen is a world-class flamenco guitarist who has recorded two albums, Gareth Owen Flamenco Guitar and El Cobre, with a third in production. He has performed at the Calgary International Flamenco Festival, Toronto International Flamenco Festival, Vancouver International Flamenco Festival, and Dawson City Music Festival, with tablao performances in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. As principal guitarist for Palabra Flamenco, he toured the Victoria Flamenco Festival, Victoria Fringe Festival, Vancouver Fringe Festival, and Victoria Festival of Authors for their show La Palabra en el Tiempo. Fox Woman, the second production for Palabra Flamenco, he toured the Toronto Fringe Festival and the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. For Dark Sounds, he collaborated with acclaimed poet Jan Zwicky, dancer Denise Yeo, and poet Garth Martens. His mother is award-winning choreographer Veronica Maguire and his late father is renowned flamenco guitarist Harry Owen. He lives with his wife, dancer Denise Yeo, in Victoria.

He has shared the stage with international flamenco guitarists Jesus Álvarez and Gaspar Rodriguez Roman, and accompanied international artists Coral de los Reyes, Miguel Rosendo, Luis Vargas “El Mono”, María Bermúdez, Domingo Ortega, Luis de la Tota, Gema Moneo, Ricardo Lopez, Emilio Ochando, Cristina Hall, and Vicente Griego, among others. His Canadian collaborators include Oscar Nieto, Kasandra Lea “La China”, Gerardo Alcalá, and Carmen Romero.