This event is on July 28, 2018 at 8:00 pm

We have all had this sensation: waking from a dream so vivid that we question whether it was real or not. Our dreams draw from our conscious lives, integrating our experiences through the lenses of memory and imagination. They can be terrifying or comforting. They can bring us answers to questions we can’t even formulate when we’re awake. “liminal” explores this transitional space between lived experience and the creative process that infuses experiences with personal meaning – the space that connects the life of the body with the life of the mind.

liminal” brings Calle Verde, a group of Vancouver flamenco artists who are steeped in tradition but are not necessarily traditional, together with Pájaro Negro, an award-winning dancer from New York City, who embraces flamenco as a tool of liberation, finding the possibility of freedom within and in spite of restriction.

Unique to the Victoria Flamenco Festival, “liminal” is an inspired and unique collaboration that brings Michelle Harding, Maria Avila and Pedro Mole of Calle Verde together on stage with Aliesha Bryan “Pájaro Negro” for the first time.

Arrive early to get a great seat and to enjoy the cash bar with wines from Cherry Point Estate Winery.

Ticket info coming soon!

Metro Studio Theatre

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