This event is on July 24, 2020

Time to be announced.

Interoception is a collaboration between Gabriele Kuzabaviciute, visual artist, Ricardo Sanchez, guitarist/singer, Jonathan Lewis, violinist, and Anastassiia Alexander, dancer.

This unique work has been developed for the Victoria Flamenco Festival and speaks to the creative process and improvisation that is so fundamental to flamenco.

Click here to see a video explaining the artistic process behind Interoception.

Meet the artists of Interoception:

Anastassiia has trained as a flamenco dancer at the famous Amor de Dios academy in Madrid, with legends La Tati and Merche Esmeralda, and top modern innovators Manuel & Antonio Reyes, Carmen La Talegona, and Miguel Cañas. Anastasia performs with her contemporary flamenco ensemble 12 Musas and as a guest artist with other companies. Recent highlights include Tierra de Luz – Land of Light, a flamenco-opera fusion and collaboration with soprano Linda Faye Stead aka Miller; a spoken word concert, Words that move me; and her recent co-production, Tarantella, presented first in Calgary and then at the Victoria Flamenco Festival in July 2019. Anastassiia’s newest creation De(RE)-construct: Dance (Re)-Born was presented at the Fluid Fest in October 2019 in Calgary. Anastassiia is also the winner of Flamenco Rosario’s 2019 Creative Residency.

Gabriele Kuzabaviciute is a mixed media designer and MSc student at the University of Calgary. She is a member of the interactions lab (iLab) – a human-computer interaction research lab and LabNext maker space. With her research, she is informing the design of touched-based interfaces through the integration of the aspects of interactive technologies, material advancements, and human perception. Based on her Research through Design approach and interdisciplinary experience, Kuzabaviciute studies the factors that influence audience engagement in social media, interactive technology, and interactive art.

Anastassiia Alexander – flamenco dance, creative direction
Gabriele Kuzabaviciute – visual art, illustration, video editing
Ricardo Sanchez – flamenco guitar/vocals
Jonathan Lewis – violin, viola, sound production
Gui Morilha – cinematography, video production
David Ledo – human-computer interaction specialist, video production and editing